The simplest way to solve big problems

August 20, 2020

Sometimes little things can be really powerful. Spreading love is one of those things – isn’t it amazing how something so simple can make such a huge impact in people’s lives? It’s totally free, but it can change the course of relationships and the overall quality of our lives. That’s why sharing love is the simplest way to solve big problems.

Let me share the story of Magda. She was struggling to get along with her teenager daughter Lucy, and rarely a conversation wouldn’t result in an argument. Things were not better with her husband Mike as well, who she thought was not present enough. Since lockdown started the whole family had to spend a lot more time together, and Magda decided to try an experiment: say something kind to her daughter everyday. After some awkward moments, she noticed her behaviour changing as she started to open up. All of the sudden, a feeling of empathy emerged in their relationship, and even Mike suddenly got infected by the loving vibes.

I thought this story was so interesting, I couldn’t help sharing – it’s arguably the simplest way to solve big problems. Doing a bit of a research I found some positive impacts of love sharing. Here are the top 3 reasons:

1. Creates positive emotions and wellness

There is a scientific explanation for that: when we share love our body releases oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin, the hormones responsible for happiness. That causes a surge of positive emotions, which help dealing better with stress. Also, it increases our body’s ability to recover fast and strengthens our immune system. Studies show that people involved in activities to help others, such as volunteering, are less likely to have depression. Clinic reports provide evidence that kindness result in lesser susceptibility to heart diseases.

2. Attracts positive people and events

People feel good when they around upbeat and energetic friends. Studies with high performing athletes show that recovery from intense competitions is fast for sportspeople who spend time with friends in a psychologically safe environment after intense activity. These are good reasons to try to be surrounded by your dearest friends. Who doesn’t love that? Kindness creates a positive cycle and will likely come back to you.

3. Make problems easier to solve

When you are into a positive mindset, everything around you feels right. It’s not necessarily because people and events around you have changed – it’s likely because the lens through which you see the world has changed. Quite often pregnant woman (or aspiring pregnancy) start to notice many other pregnant women or babies. That’s not because the fertility rate suddenly boomed. It’s because our attention is selective. We tend to interpret things based on our state of mind, so the next time you think the cup is half empty consider that it may one of many possible interpretations of reality.

Here is a way to share love

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