Meet Ana Lidia…

August 9, 2020

It’s already 30 months since My Service Menu was created – we are now like a toddler with an entire life ahead and lots of opportunities to grow 😊

Looking back at our day one, we had a vision of finding the best service providers and helping them to get visibility and prosper. After almost 1,000 days, we are really proud for having found fantastic people, who make such a positive impact on our clients’ lives.

We want to empower and recognise our amazing people, and thought it would be good to let you know more about them. So we invited Ana Lidia for a chat, so we can get to know more about her…

Meet Ana Lidia…

Tell me a bit about yourself:

My name is Ana Lidia, and I live in a converted flat in North London with my husband, my sister, and a cousin. I love animals since I was a little girl – maybe because I grew up with pet cats, dogs, birds, and fishes. We always treated them super nicely, and it’s fascinating how they give love back in their own ways.

It’s so important to me to live in a clean and organized environment. I fully agree with Marie Kondo when she says we need to remove the clutter. I believe this is good for mental and physical health.


What do you most enjoy doing and would do more if you could?

I really like taking care of animals. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pets at the moment. But I do take care of the stray cats that roam the garden of my house.  They even have names!


What are your super powers?

I think it’s responsibility. I put the whole of myself on everything I do and am not happy until it looks good. I have a collaborative spirit, and I’m happy only if it’s good for all. I’m thankful for my parents who passed on to me values like honesty.


What do you work with?

I work with cleaning in London. What I like about it is that I can fully use my perfectionist side to make all those details look nice. It’s a way to leave the place better behind me, and I believe it’s a way to make people’s lives a little better.

I also do pet sitting. I learned how to take care of the different types of pets so it’s so natural for me. Cats, for example, like to always have fresh water and clean litter box. Dogs sometimes have special dietary requirements, and they need to go out for a walk every day.


What do you like most about living where you live?

I’m living in this place for a year and a half. I like the music legacy of this place – this is where some renowned rock bands are from here. I like the traditions, and I’m a fan of the Queen Elizabeth 😊


What is your plan for the next 5 years?

I want to improve my English, travel a lot, move to a flat where I have more space for me and my husband, and … of course I want to have two cats (one black and one yellow). One more thing, I want to enjoy life full of health with my family.


How Covid impacted your life?

Covid was a big impact financially. I had to tap into my savings along the last few months, but I hope the world will go back on track now.


How do you keep the place healthy and safe from coronavirus?

I had coronavirus a couple of months ago and it was really scary, it hit me really badly. The good thing is that now I’m immune. At work and on public places I wear mask as much as possible, and at work I also wear gloves. I try to keep distancing and always clean my hands or gloves. I try to make sure the areas of more contact, for example door handles, are always clean and disinfected.


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